We've done the marketing department in Al Khobar Mall center of study and institutions companies located in the UK market, so as to choose the companies and appropriate institutions to fill this luxurious edifice, where it was the completion of construction development and renovated inside and outside the complex is located Khabar Park Mall on the fast road between Dammam and Khobar, the location of today's modern business district, bounded on the north, where the signing of the news Hotel (formerly Tulip Inn), on the south by commercial centers includes most of the offices of large companies, and on the west district of the Golden belt, on the east by the highway.

The complex size

The complex is situated on 16 000 m2, consists of a basement which is dedicated for parking where almost can accommodate 320 cars for and there are also external positions, contains the ground floor on the 110 gallery average workers to three workers for each gallery, this exhibition includes all activities and options needed by the customer, the first floor houses the most famous international brands discount (Outlet), which is the only one of its kind in the eastern region, and also includes the Department of restaurants where he has expanded and developed well and modern, with a Altogermn exhibitions ratio in the mall 94%, and also boasts the second floor and has a 74 trading company average seven employees for each office and is one of the major companies and the busy floor completely.

Propaganda and Advertising

Held complex promotional campaigns patrol festivals entertainments for children and families on special occasions and holidays and in different seasons, and are periodically work of various promotional campaigns, including cars, etc

,,,,, We hopefully accept our greetings to you and wish the best of luck,,,,,

Director of Marketing Wael Mustafa

Available Khobar Mall all the basic services of phone, Internet, and in addition to water, electricity and public services to a mosque for men and a chapel for women and ATM and the city of unique modern games and the first of its kind in the UK, and family sessions, restaurants and parking. There is the possibility to add and put billboards outside the compound of the stationed on the highway.