Brands and names of the most famous shops:

Shows the ground floor
Name Activity Phone
crocs shoes ---
Shaya Perfumes Perfume and Incense 0138820327
 fashion stores out let Alviero Martini ---
Mothercare children clothes 0551549730
Underline DkNY out let --
Tommy Hilfiger Calvin Klein Baby clothes, Women and Men ---
Out late less Clothes and bags Class Cavalli, Iceberg Red Valentino, Roberto Cavalli , just cavalli 8820057
the Deal Clothes for Lacoste, Ralph Lauren, Geox, Celine, Marc by marc Jacobs 8877516
Marcato ICEBERG clothing, Class Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine ---
Brands for less fandy - Armani - Armani Jeans - Dolce & Kabbana  ---
Skechers shoes ---
Sensei Perfume and beauty products ---
Bayliss shoes 8872318
Nike Puma, Nike, Reebok , adidas 8877357
Femi Nine Women's Clothing 8878368
CenterPoint New Look, Baby clothes, Women and Men ---
citymax Baby clothes, Women ---
The last season Wear Diesel, Fred Perry, Bianco, Drecon 8878139
Modern fashion Men's Clothing beverly hills, Polo club ---
Swiss corner watchs  8877280
Shaw Outlet Dune Shoes , toms , mocks 8829231
Time + More watchs DKNY, Armani, Michael Kors, Juicy Cartier, Reebok, Ferry ---
Tad Jewelery ---
lovely home  Accessories for the home 8874707
loyalty Mattresses, household ---
Designs sahar Jalabiyah ---
A Beauty Secrets Perfume ---
Petite glittering Children's costumes ---
Reem Corner Bags ---
Golden trips Tour operator 8877678
The seuenth star furniture ---
Nayef Aqeel Dhafiri Foundation Forever Living products ---
Corner Baby Clothing children clothes ---
Lille Thuraya boutique Women's Fashion ---
Section upscale Women's Fashion ---
Lana boutique Women's Fashion ---
Fashion dream Women's Fashion ---
Elegance shop Women's Fashion ---
Glimmer of beauty Women's Fashion ---
Mohsen Goods shoes 8820057
Rashed Foundation accessories ---
Aqmrt Abaya 8875599
The Velvet Abaya ---
A touch elafraa Abaya ---
handmade Accessories ---
Finest Men's Accessories 8870038
Lake FASHION Men's Accessories 88210084
The weight-Otaibi Men's Accessories 8828905
Deluxe Detailing Mens 8877088
Noor nights Textile 8828594
Girl found Textile 0566309190
East girl Textile 0556651691
Milan Textile 8874118
Yafei Textile 8871137
Jinan Textile 8827946
Arab dress Textile ---
Saleh spears Textile 8877040
Swarovski weeding dresses 8879793
Adam School clothes 8820534
Zillion School clothes ---
Good time Perfume and Incense ---
Elite Super Market ---


name phone
Chicken countryside ---
Makers crape ---
Sweets and candies ---
Pizza and pastry ---
Josie Frisch ---
Hot and Crispy ---

Rawaf Popular cuisine and Arabian coffee


berger station


Available Khobar Mall all the basic services of phone, Internet, and in addition to water, electricity and public services to a mosque for men and a chapel for women and ATM and the city of unique modern games and the first of its kind in the UK, and family sessions, restaurants and parking. There is the possibility to add and put billboards outside the compound of the stationed on the highway.